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Pharma Tehnik is a rapid developing pharmaceutical machine manufacture company which mission to provide Indonesian Phamaceutical Industries to fulfill their needs in pharmaceutical machinery in accordance with GMP Standard

Pharma Tehnik was established since 1989 so we have been operating for more than 20 years.

We specialized in for pharmaceutical, Food, Herb, Cosmetic machines and equipments

Our priority is not only the product quality but also the calibration, validation process, and IQ PQ Documentation.

We realized that the after sales service is as important as the sales process itself so Pharma Tehnik hired the well trained technicians who can give our customers professional training, trouble shooting and also general information about the machines which given during the installation and commissioning in customer’s factory.

Pharma Tehnik is manufacturing main special products as follows:

-  Drying Oven

-  Hot Air Sterilizer

-  Air Shower

-  Pass Through

- Laminar Air Flow

-  Drum Mixer

-  Climatic Chamber

-  Bottle Washing Machine

-  Cleanroom Apparel

-  Cleanroom Accessories

Beside the above mention machine, we also ready to receive the tailor made machine in order to fulfill our customer requirement

We maintain our business for long period to our customer and keep the fruitfully relationship.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any requirement